fight for the life that our children should have.

love alone is worth the fight.

France, 1974
The Cold War was a time of upheaval and change for the whole world. My husband and I seized this chance, wanting to help change it for the better. To make a safer world for our daughter to grow up in.

But everything went wrong: the very project we were trying to stop came after my family. They kidnapped me, forcing my husband and child to go into hiding. The world is still in danger thanks to our mistakes. I'm still being held prisoner until my family resurfaces.

I will escape and I will find my family before they do.

AU Anthea Hopper
Code: Lyoko.

CL: Evolution by request.

((did anyone else ever notice how nice the Hopper’s homes have been? Can we talk about this please? I mean damn that cabin was HUGE and the Hermitage wasn’t that small either— it’s three stories. 

why do you need that much room you’re a three person family living alone in the mountains

I mean even when my mom and dad both had a job and were making middle class/upper middle class wages we still only had a two story house with four bedrooms for four people. Three stories? For two people living alone in the woods? Why do you need that much space? Isn’t that going to draw attention to you?

I guess Waldo got a lot of money from the govmt as re-compensation for working on CARTHAGE or something? But even the Hermitage was big and he was on the run at the time so I guess Kadic pays it’s teachers really well or something? I don’t know France’s education system works but I know in the US unless you’re at a college you tend to get a piss-poor pay— and sometimes even if you are teaching at a college.))

»the mountains we called home »our home hidden in the woods so dark »franz hopper »the hermitage »code lyoko »no but jesus christ their houses are huge »{jumped out the window}
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    You should see the live action picture of the Hermitage in the middle of The Underground Castle. Dang it’s a sweet...
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    The cabin is so nice probably because CARTHAGE was paying a LOT As for the Hermitage I’m pretty sure it was just a house...
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