fight for the life that our children should have.

love alone is worth the fight.

France, 1974
The Cold War was a time of upheaval and change for the whole world. My husband and I seized this chance, wanting to help change it for the better. To make a safer world for our daughter to grow up in.

But everything went wrong: the very project we were trying to stop came after my family. They kidnapped me, forcing my husband and child to go into hiding. The world is still in danger thanks to our mistakes. I'm still being held prisoner until my family resurfaces.

I will escape and I will find my family before they do.

AU Anthea Hopper
Code: Lyoko.

CL: Evolution by request.

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i’m gonna do it

i’m gonna make a cuchulian rp blog.

i’m finally gonna do it.

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Kirsten Becken
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Kirsten Becken
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Linda Brownlee
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(by Rachel Baran)
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Rob Sheridan


Rob Sheridan

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                i plead with you, god          

                                                    give them back to me.

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f i f t e e n   y e a r s.

fifteen years and she had finally broken. fifteen years alone, fifteen years without knowing if her family was even alive.  fifteen years of desperation had finally grown too much to hold down.

so far she had mostly kept her head down. she wanted to earn her captor’s trust until she tried to escape. wanted to work her way up in their ranks to find ways to escape with minimum damage to herself and maximum damage to this damned project.

she didn’t know how she ended up here, in an empty board room. the window here overlooked the street. there was a patient room down the hall that had a better angle, better chance for a safe landing— but this was a psychiatric hospital, and so that room’s windows were so, so much more reinforced than those in the board room.

her knuckles turned white and her fingers grew numb as she gripped the chair, working up the courage to do it.

this act would firmly set her in the category of ‘potential escapee’. if she was caught, who knows what could happen to her. what measures would be put in place to keep her here, confined to the hospital.

it was worth the risk, her family was always worth any risk. any slim chance to see them again. 

the chair flew out the window, shards of glass littering the street below. the chair broke part in a splinter of wood and a tearing of fabric.

a few passerby looked up at the window, confused and slightly afraid. a crowd, maybe one she could get lost in. vanish from empire’s radar for good.

she took a breath and threw herself out the window’s opening. the edges of the hole scraped her shoulders and back, instantly drawing blood. in the few seconds that she was floating instead of falling, she quickly and fearfully realized that her left leg had been ripped open by a sharp edge of glass.

but of course it was too late to do anything about it right now. only hope that she landed well enough not to damage it further.

and then the descent began. four stories onto concrete and shattered glass.

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