fight for the life that our children should have.

love alone is worth the fight.

France, 1974
The Cold War was a time of upheaval and change for the whole world. My husband and I seized this chance, wanting to help change it for the better. To make a safer world for our daughter to grow up in.

But everything went wrong: the very project we were trying to stop came after my family. They kidnapped me, forcing my husband and child to go into hiding. The world is still in danger thanks to our mistakes. I'm still being held prisoner until my family resurfaces.

I will escape and I will find my family before they do.

AU Anthea Hopper
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Aelita again. Didn’t this boy ever just stay quiet?

Emotions tried to creep back in, tried to steal away her rationality. The door to the Box squeaked and slammed shut—

Is she awake? 

Phantom ropes bit into her wrists and she paused for a moment, staring at them. At the door in front of herHer head began hurting, in the same place she had hit Jeremie.

They had shone lights in her eyes and pressed cold hands to her neck as she woke from the injury.

Well, Hopper. Was all that fighting really necessary? It didn’t help. We still got you. 

No, no. This time she was on the other side of the door. It was okay. No more Anna, just Anthea. Anthea Schaeffe—

We’re bound to find Schaeffer sooner or later, you might as well talk now and save yourself the trouble.

She looked down at her hands again, the wedding ring shining under florescent lights. 

Waldo was gone too. Aelita watched him die. Aelita watched her mother get taken away and still remembered it vividly. Anthea had always hoped, if anything was on her side, that Aelita wouldn’t remember that day. That she might be too young and that Waldo could explain the mother’s absence in some other way. Any other way.

The elevator doors at the end of the hall squeaked, a doctor stepping out. Anthea looked up, seeing Dr. Andrews fully engrossed in his clipboard. Within seconds he was out of sight down another hallway. She breathed again.

How log had she been standing here, lost in thought? What if some more attentive doctor had noticed her acting so strangely next to this boy covered in blood? Worse yet, one of the guards who knew of Anthea’s situation here? They would sound the alarm, restrain her before she had the chance to try to escape yet again.

She flexed her fingers and balled them into fists. Squared her shoulders and inhaled deeply. Slowly working on prying her mind away from the past, away from so many distracting emotions and problems. Her voice was cold, soft and stern.

"Please stop bringing that up. Stop talking about my daughter, stop talking about my husband, stop talking about anything that isn’t right here, right now, trying to get out of this fucking prison.

"I know that you’re trying to be encouraging but you’re doing more harm than good. Just shut up.”

"Sorry…It helps me focus to remember why I’m fighting." Jeremie said, voice small and scared. His mind reeled from her tone. He saw the mistake now as clear as the blood on his chest.

Aelita is his rock, his reason to keep on fighting… but saying her name is working in reverse to Anthea. His pink angel… is the slap to the face for her. Jeremie had no choice.. he had to push her out of his mind. Forget her for now to focus on their mission. He found the one thing he can replace.. that girl from school… with and focus on. His dad. Michel Belpois. A single dad since Jeremie lost his mom. He was all his dad had left. If he needed a reason to leave here alive, it is to see his dad again to make sure he won’t be sad and alone.

Jeremie took a deep breath and re-focused his mind from…that orphan girl at school to his kind, and sweet Dad. He forced his face into a determined one and nodded his head to her.

"Let’s go and get out of this hell hole." He mumbled, looking around for other people since that scientist walked past them. 

Normally the idea of her family waiting for her helped keep her fighting too— isn’t that what she always told herself? But right now, everything was just too new. An ally to worry about, new information about her family weighing on her. It was all too new. Too stressful.

She set her back into the mask of stony determination and anger. Patient tried to escape and cause a scene. She grabbed the boy by the hair— as gently as one could grab someone by the hair and still make it realistic— and began steering the boy down the hall ahead of her. 

Her hand was shaking. Not from fear but from discomfort and uncertainty. He had a head injury and she didn’t want to make it worse but her own stresses and the boy’s appearance made her want to white-knuckle his hair and drag him. Make him scream and kick and beg.

She was stressed and he was irritating her. Smearing blood on his chest and suggesting she take him down to her labs the labs were mistakes on his part.

Anthea the mother was slipping back away, hiding from the stress of finding out everything her family had endured.  Before the monster and the broken captive fully overwhelmed it, however, it managed to ask a single question:

If Jeremie tells Aelita what you’ve done to him and what you’ve done during your time here— would she ever forgive you?

The monster and the broken captive had no reply. 

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i want to achieve “she’s adorable and i will protect her at all costs but also i am slightly frightened by her power”

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"It was…it was a long time ago. Don’t worry about it. Getting to work here will help a lot— that didn’t come out right. Sorry." I didn’t mean it in a manipulative way…just… never mind." And there went her confident demeanor.

te sure where to go from here. Part of her wanted to stay and talk. Another part wanted to already start exploring campus to look for clues— whatever ones might be left ten years after their vanishing. Another, smaller and saner part wanted to hole back up at her hotel room…

“I’m sure you have other interviews to get to…”

Jean Pierre looked over at what started as a great interview turn into a painful stab to a women’s heart. He set the pen down with a sigh. 

"To be full honest, your the last one I’m interviewing for the position. The job is more demanding then most think. The position is being the secretary to the teachers mainly. Handling their emails, phone calls, setting up office hours for our staff of thirty teachers. It also involves being the in between the students and teachers outside of their classes, like collecting late assignments to make sure they go to the right teacher. Should Madame Weber call out sick, then the candidate has to take over being the main secretary for the entire school. I can assure you the pay of thirty Euros an hour is also competitive with room for advancement and raises. Plus should you require room and board, We have a spare teacher dorm no one is using. Rent will be taken from your check, but it is mainly for the increase to the cafeteria who would cook your meals for you and all." Jean Pierre explained the job.

"If this sounds like a good fit for you.. I would like to put you on our short list for the position. Final approval has to be agreed by me and the school board.. But they tend to agree with me in judging people.Well?" Jean Pierre stood up and extended a hand towards her. He felt confidant he was making the right choice. A friend of Franz was a co-worker worthy to have by his side. Heavens forbid Jeremie and his friends fail to keep the world safe from that XANA thing. 

Something about this interview was unsettling and her embarrassment and slip-up had only set her more on edge. Room and a board along with pay. Such a strange job offer— she had put down an address on the resume. He should assume she already had a place to stay, right?

She already said that she lived close to this campus. Why would he offer to let he stay here? Did he not believe her? Was he trying to keep a closer eye on her?

Think on that later. Right now just stay calm, act normal. This was the normal world. Not everything was a mindgame or a trick. Some things simply were what they were.

She stood, shook the man’s hand and smiled. The worry was shoved in the back of her mind, compartmentalizing as always.

"Yes, yes I would appreciate that. Please keep me updated while you decide, okay?

"Ah, and we can work out other details later if I get hired."

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I know this is gonna sound really really needy but last year I let my guard down and there was a huge untagged post that had a screencap from both The Human Cent!pede and the sequel, along with a couple other misc. crawling gifs from other scary movies. This took me about an hour to calm down from last year.

soooooooo here we go in order of “holy shit tag this or I will yell at you and curse at you from the midst of a panic attack” to “ehhh please bc it makes me uncomfortable but not in a panic attack way”

Things I need tagged for the halloween season [and really in general]:

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Reblogging this from my personal because Halloween on tumblr makes me so nervous and ahah yea last year I had an hour-long panic attack over on this blog because my personal was really unsafe.

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//I so so badly want a thread where someone does in fact put that Anthea worked on Project Carthage but maybe not that she’s actually Franz’s wife/Aelita’s mom. Just that she worked on Carthage. 

I don’t know why but the dynamics of it would be really cool. More focused on the project than “ah yes my family”. 

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She wasn’t sure what to make of the silence. Knew he would understand but unsure how he would react— anger at her even trying, relief that she was cowardly enough to keep from doing it.

Then he finally spoke, quietly. Simply. It took a few moments to process. Even longer to finally decide what to say.

"I’m— I’m smart enough to know I shouldn’t. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to. I’m just tired. I keep fighting. I keep trying. Keeping my head down didn’t work. Trying to fight back sure as hell didn’t work.

"You can only leave someone alone with a gun so many times before it starts looking less like a weapon and more like a key to a lock.

"And I’m not sure if I want to have someone talk me out of it or have someone talk me into it. Even now, I’m still in that strange little limbo where it’s hard to decide if you should try again and get it over with or just keep up a pointless cycle of fighting and despair and guilt and arrogance and stupidity.

"I just want it all to stop. One way or another."


He almost preferred the silence.

William slid the phone from his ear, letting it fall to the floor beside him. What did she want from him? What were the words she wanted to hear? Although he was certainly sympathetic to her her plight, having had a similar mentality several times,he found himself at a loss. With mounting trepidation, he picked up the phone loosely between his thumb and forefinger. He flipped it in circles; pressing his tongue to the back of his teeth as he mulled over what use he possibly was to her right now.

Maybe he wasn’t supposed to say anything. Maybe it was one of those times where he was supposed to listen and let the uncomfortable nausea quietly consume him while she poured her troubles into an overflowing vase. William slumped further down the wall he was leaning on and pressed the phone to his ear.

"Killing Shane is always an option." Though, he thought,  the asshole’d probably like it too much to be enjoyable. But that didn’t prevent the image of his smug face frozen still while blood oozed like lava from a stab wound behind his ear from enticing a smile from the boy. “Homicide’s much more entertaining. Watching others squirm instead of the other way around…” His voice trailed off as his brain caught up to his mouth. “That, that came out rough.” He laughed uncomfortably. “It’s not an idea I really share often.” 

"I kill him and… then what? I don’t have anywhere to go. You— you always get on me about how I have a family outside, and I get it. I know where you’re coming from with that issue. How I have something that you don’t and somehow that irritates you…"

Now was her turn to trail off. “That didn’t come out right.” Her voice picked up speed and pitch again. “But you know what I mean.”

"You have resources and money and hideouts. You got taught how to fight and how to take care of yourself.

"I don’t have anything. I don’t have money, I don’t even have an identity. I don’t exist. I don’t have any way to make myself exist.

"I don’t have connections or anything. I’ve got dying hope and waning determination and fading memories. 

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