love alone is worth the fight
fight for the life our children should have;

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alias: OWP or Anthea-mun.

timezone: Central

favourite play-bys: I don’t know what this is?

favourite types of plots/characters: tough females, anything to do with family loyalty or betrayal/bereavement, anything with that isolating and closed off feeling to it. The typical Cold War atmosphere of “they’re watching you and be careful what you say.” 

if you were a spy, what city would you want to be posted in?: I actually have no idea wow. I mean on kneejerk I wanna say somewhere in France but then again the uhhh ‘68 Riots kinda nearly brought the whole economy crashing down but then again they sorta got the least chaos/KGB intervention compared to other parts of Europe so yea maybe Paris or somewhere near there.

what kind of things you want to see from us: Prompts? Character outlines maybe?

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                [                And I swear to you

                         ʇɥɐʇ those who would harm you

                                 will die  s c r e a m i n g                 ]


Jeremie felt like the worse person in the world to dare keep a mother from her child. He wanted nothing more then to tell her…but he was not about to let his friends or Aelita get hurt by there cosmic creeps. His heart felt torn as his brain moved quickly. How can he tell her he knew more then what he was about to say?

That is when he felt her hand rest on his shoulder. Her warmth spreading downwards, as if it was demanding the truth. The idea hit him quickly. In theory, it should work…but that theory had a massive loop hole in it.

Using his free hands, he gently pulled Anthea’s hand from his shoulder and between his hands. His right hand laid under it as his left was on top. He used the left to cover what he was doing. Jeremie forced his right thumb to move in a rhythm.

The rhythm of Morse Code.

'Aelita is alive and well. I must protect her from them. I want you to know the truth not them.' Jeremie tapped to her, praying that she knew the code. His eyes darted back at Shane's gun to illustrate his point of protecting Aelita. Protecting his pink angel from Lyoko.

"I-I had tried to find her..but I kept hitting dead ends. I had came close since my friend at Kadic has the same first name and look. She has hair like yours, bright bubblegum pink. I-I don’t know if she dyes it. I do remember her asking for any and all information about her mom since she is an orphan after losing her father. But…But the ages would be off of your daughter. I’m sorry…" Jeremie sadly said as he sent the Morse code to her.

It took a few seconds for her to realize what he was doing. And he was talking, on top of it. She wasn’t able to multitask that well.

Not to mention, it had been a long time since she had to use morse. That was back during CARTHAGE. There were newer codes in use now.

She was able to catch small segments. “Protect her…close friend …know the truth…loosing her father.”

That didn’t make any sense. But she did catch him glancing over at Shane, and that was enough. He had something he wanted to say to her, but not to Shane.

Rage marred her features and her hand wrenched free of his own, wrapping around his neck. She was silent for a moment, staring him down. Intimidating him. Trying no to become too upset to think through the facade.

"You’d better start making more sense, Belpois. I asked you what you knew about my family. My family. Not some orphan brat.” Her thumbnail dug into his cheek— getting a little too into character.

"Now I want you to think long and hard about how you’re going to answer this next two questions. I already said I was done with the lies and bullshit about my family. If she’s the wrong age then what makes you so sure it’s connected to my family? And what happened to the girl’s father and mother?"

She fell silent again, quickly tapping out her own code against the back of his neck.

N-C-P-Y. B-C-I. R-P-T. R-P-T. N-C-P-Y.

In short, I don’t understand what the fuck you just said.

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by Matthew Cusick


by Matthew Cusick

//i just realized that eventually lostpiano is going to log back in and he’s going to see all my whining about anthea being pissy and writing up dumb cute things and tagging him in random shit sometimes too


tons of stuff

and also like the entire whole new dreams of starting over tag just kind of formed during/due to Waldo’s absence 

i sound fucking creepy and this is prob a time to go to bed. 

but at the same time it’s not like i’ve been bugging the mun about replying or whatever. i just… she misses her husband and i like writing cute things because they’re cute together and that’s cute.


other important otp dynamics:

  • who skews the accuracy of the netflix recs function by dominating the goddamn netflix account to watch melodramatic docu-dramas