fight for the life that our children should have.

love alone is worth the fight.

France, 1974
The Cold War was a time of upheaval and change for the whole world. My husband and I seized this chance, wanting to help change it for the better. To make a safer world for our daughter to grow up in.

But everything went wrong: the very project we were trying to stop came after my family. They kidnapped me, forcing my husband and child to go into hiding. The world is still in danger thanks to our mistakes. I'm still being held prisoner until my family resurfaces.

I will escape and I will find my family before they do.

AU Anthea Hopper
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//I don’t know why but I kinda want Anthea to get into like smoking or something. Not drinking cos that’s a major triggerfest for me but I guess not actual drugs either since I think she’d be too smart to do that but maybe??? I don’t know. Like, yea she’s free but she’s kinda gone through a lot of shit so I think depending on the ‘verse she’d prob take up… some form of escapism, either with smoking or overworking or something.

mun kinda wants to try drugs/drinking/smoking at some point but knows it’s stupid to even try with all the meds she’s on and her familys history of addiction— so instead it’s manafesting itself through fictional characters yea that’s totally perfectly healthy fuck

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Benjamin Askinas 
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Alex Prager
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"Let’s never come here again because it would never be as much fun."
Lost in Translation (2003) Sofia Coppola


"Let’s never come here again because it would never be as much fun."

Lost in Translation (2003)
Sofia Coppola

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I dropped out of the old school.
I got kicked out of the new school.
I got drunk with some girls
From the local art school
And got caught painting on the walls
“Gustav Klimt Rules!”

I chased after sugary spoonfuls,
Shot them down with bottles of rocket fuel.
I got the idea there wasn’t a thing I couldn’t do.
I got the idea that that
I could stay ahead of the wolves.

You never had it so good
(right along, right along )
I ain’t saying this to hurt your feelings
You just look at me.

But no one’s ever looked you in the face and said
(“We’re not like you, We’re not like you.”)
Your state is not your home and it is
(Hostile to you, Hostile to you)
We are strong and as soon as we can we’re
(“Gonna get rid of you, Get rid of you.”)
And even your friends at the art school
are going to have to choose.

So you can dream of far away places
while being chased out of bars:
“‘Cause I don’t like your face, sir.”
You get the idea there is not a thing you can do?
You get the idea? Do you?

Fiend in Wein, The World/Inferno Friendship Society.

(This song reminds me of Williams story arc kinda. The troublemaker who got cocky, and the tension between him and the other warriors post-possession etc.

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(by Stephen Criscolo)
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Toby Smith


Toby Smith

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